Our belief is that all timbers are chosen for sustainability off our land.  We select re-growth Hardwood Timbers which are felled and carefully selected from the forest which leaves the younger trees space to grow. Our properties have been harvested for generations by select felling therefore harvesting a regenerative forest for the next generations to harvest.

From the finest timbers we produce Slabs which can be made into table tops or any other furniture project.  Fencing Materials such as Strainer Posts, Split Posts, Stays and Milled Rails can be produced as made to order as the customer desires.  We specialise to supplying Horse Studs and Fencing Contractors.   Builders can also order any size materials they need. Timber can be cut for Decking, Pergolas or Feature Beams in your house.

A selection of timbers are also available for ‘Smoking’ for meats, poultry and fish in 1kg, 2kg or 5kg bags by request.  Flavours such as Iron Bark, Vintage Oak, Black Wattle, Sheoak, Red Box and Mountain Ash, available in Chips, Chunks, Dust or Logs.

Timbers that are of a less quality are selected for Firewood and Kindling with sustainable harvesting at the forefront.  We can supply large or small quantities of well seasoned Firewood, Mixed Bagged Firewood and Bagged Kindling

Sawdust may also be purchased as supply determines.

Delivery can be arranged at a very reasonable price or the customer can pick up from site.

Please call us for prices on 0412 350 516.